Sexual Offenses Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are facing charges for a sexual offense such as rape, internet sex crimes, lewd conduct, indecency with a minor or any other sex crime, it is critical that you immediately contact Michael Lamson. Sex crimes are prosecuted harshly and your freedom and good name are on the line.

You need an experienced and expert criminal defense lawyer on your side when you face an indictment for sexual offenses. These types of cases are complex and require an aggressive defense in order to prove your innocence.  In order to mount a strong defense, Michael Lamson needs to have all of the facts, evidence, witness reports and data. This all starts with a phone call for a free case evaluation by Michael Lamson and his team.

Facing an indictment for sexual offenses can be an extremely stressful and difficult time in your life. Let Michael Lamson take on the burden with you and help resolve the problem.  For additional information about sexual offense criminal laws, or to discuss your matter in confidence with an experienced Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer, schedule a confidential consultation with Michael Lamson, P.C. today.