Restoring Firearms Rights

The right to bear arms is built into the U.S. Constitution, it is one of the founding principles of our nation.  When you have been convicted of a crime, those rights are taken away and restoring your firearms rights takes the practical experience and expertise of a criminal defense lawyer like Michael Lamson. Michael Lamson has been representing clients for over 30 years in the criminal justice system. He understands that when a fundamental right has been taken away, it takes a smart and determined team on your side to restore your firearms rights.

Did you know that your firearms can be confiscated even if you have not been charged with a crime? Michael Lamson defends individuals in cases where their constitutional rights are infringed upon by law enforcement.

Even if you have been charged with a crime and proven innocent, there is a chance that your firearms rights are in jeopardy. Michael Lamson works aggressively for you, whether you have been convicted of a crime or are proven innocent by the courts. For a free consultation and a discussion about restoring your firearms rights, talk to Michael Lamson, experienced criminal defense lawyer.