Meth Possession Defense Lawyer

Drug cases involving meth possession are extremely serious and require a strong legal defense.  Michael Lamson has the experience and legal expertise to represent those who have been charged with meth possession, meth distribution or intent to sell or any other methamphetamine-related charges in state or federal court.

If you or a loved one has been charged with meth possession, you need to immediately call Michael Lamson for representation in your legal defense. In cases of meth possession, everything from the amount/weight of the meth in your possession to your intent to sell or distribute is used to build a state or federal case against you. The legal intricacies of meth possession cases require an experienced lawyer who is familiar with these cases and who has defended numerous clients in state and federal courts.

Even the minimum fines and penalties for meth possession can affect you financially and can put you in jail for a number of years.  Do not take chances with the defense of your rights and liberty.  One of the most important decisions you can make when you are charged with drug crimes is the lawyer you choose to defend you in the legal system. Choose Michael Lamson, experienced drug crimes defense lawyer to come to your defense.  To schedule a case evaluation or to hire Michael Lamson and his team for your defense, contact him today!