Injury To A Child

If you or a family member is being indicted for injury to a child or child abuse in the state of Texas, you need to call Michael Lamson immediately for legal advice and defense. Michael Lamson is an experienced criminal defense lawyer with over 30 years of experience representing clients in state and federal courts.

Injury to a child cases are rightfully taken very seriously by everyone from law enforcement, child protective services and the courts. Injury to a child charges are a felony. Injury to a child, or child abuse, refers to bodily harm and even death.  These types of crimes are never ok and we understand that you may be accused of injury to a child even if you are not guilty. If you are convicted of child abuse you will serve jail time, lose custody of your children and incur high fines, even if it is your first offense and you have no criminal record.

Injury to a child is a serious crime that comes with serious penalties that can affect your freedom and your future. It is important that you act quickly in your legal defense if you are facing child abuse charges. Talk to Michael Lamson in confidence, about the details of your case and to arrange your legal defense.